The new sport for the cultured Rebel
Who said museums had to be a bore?!


New Pictures at the bottom of the page!

Break the rules and be part of the new sport that has already grown to International acclaim.
Send your picture as well as a note on how and where the picture was taken, and I will post it will full credit to sender.


Rules are of course that there has to be some barriers to where you take the picture, as well as some risk faced from museum elders patrolling. Sneaking past motion detectors is certainly a plus, but not a requirement.

The sport was born at a crappy museum in New Orleans. No guards within eye site, so I jump over the little fence - make sure I don't get caught by the motion detector.

There I was - a proud member of the Yankees- fightin against those damn Confederates!
After about 1.2 seconds, another sensor must have picked me up, cus the whole place was bombarded with what was the highest frikkin alarm I have ever heard.
So I jump back to safety and run for cover. Of course not before Jørgen gets a shot off with the camera.

And so the glorious sport was born!
Join the fun!
Appear as a cameo in a museum exhibit, and send me the picture to post here.

The first picture in the series is right here!
(exiting the scene of crime as the alarm was howling)

Followed of course by the infamous "Senate" picture from the Austin (Texas) State house.

Moving over the pond, the sport continues at the HMS Belfast in London - sneaking past the museum guards on no less than TWO different occasions before being caught in bed and ejected from the premises.



I can now proudly announce that the ever-growing sport of museumspotting has received pictures of its first non-Rasmus museumspotter.

I hereby proudly introduce Emilie (Aka Emily the Strange)
As you can see in the following two pictures, she is quite the natural spotter. (Taken in Canterbury, Kent)


I wasn't planning on joining in this time (I was hoping to just point at Emilie if any of the custodians caught us), but when I saw the inviting bed with the gorgeous woman (though quite possibly very dead...) I knew she was longing for some spooning time.

From the Gibraltar Strait museum comes the first non-family spotter. Thomas gains ever fame and glory from the following few pictures

And even better - all the way from the west-coast of the USA, Tim visited the original set of Fox Mulder's office from the hit series X files, in the hollywood entertainment museum, Los angeles.
Here seated at Mulder's desk - safe behind museum boundaries

The trend is Definitely catching on!
All the way from China, an avid Honorary museumspotter (known only as Pablo from Germany) dressed up in time-right robes and jumped into the pit with the Terracotta soldiers, and did not surrender until the museum-guards carried him away.
Read the story here
He is definitely our favorite (unknowingly?) museumspotter thus far

Another museumspotter that actually started off long before the birth of the sport calls from Sweden. Seen here taking a piss in Duchamp's possoir.



More and more geographic spots around the globe are being covered. This time from Malta. Christel and Rebekka learned about the pilgrims, the knights and the battle of St. Elmos and even had time for some museumspotting.


Be strong

Keep Spotting!!

The wave is growing.....


1. Find a museum
2. Sneak your way into the exhibition past barriers, motion detectors and guards
3. Have friend take photo to document feat
4. If caught, try to run rather than face consequences (take it from someone with experience)
5. Email picture to me and bask in the glory of your fame!


See what these more and less important people say:

 We have been waiting for centuries for this sport – it's been brewing just under the surface.
-Jon Eisenbach, Historian

I have no idea what crazy shit you are talking about, and I don’t like museums
-man in the street

 I really enjoyed his Royal Shakespare society in Boston – and now he is at it again. Bravo!
-Kenneth Branagh




(Thank for the Inspiration)

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